Stephen Ortega is a freelance photographer who lives in New York. Chose
like other young artists live in the neighborhood of Williamsburg
Brooklyn. The speed with which it grows the Big Apple is changing
habitat "human architecture" of that place. The traditional houses
give way to ultra-luxury condominiums, and this contributes to
let the people at the margins of history. The project is Stephen Ortega
retrieve the memory and the faces in this gallery represent a
sense, the guards who fight or at least tries to
return the old "physicality" of the neighborhood, posing provocatively
construction sites and in front of "their streets." Testimonials are authentic
an architectural revolution against which they would fight. Not
because they are opposed to change, but because those proposed denature
a piece of the city. I mean common people against the crane. It is not a
feeling, but a movement of the eyes and soul with which they look
that unfortunately no longer see.